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Money, Debt, Small Claims, and Consumer Issues

Call4Law Ethics and Resources * Free Online Training

This online class has everything an attorney needs to learn about our Call4Law project and working with legal aid. Call4Law is an exciting project for lawyers who want to do pro bono work for low income people, but don’t believe they have the time. All it takes to volunteer with Call4Law is an hour or two a month! Lawyers agree to make calls to pre-screened clients to analyze their problems and give advice on how the client can handle the problem pro se. Learn about this exiting project by contacting Don Philips at (860) 344-8096, Ext.

Consumer Law Training * Free Online Training

Legal Aid clients often accumulate a lot of consumer debt. Many low income people struggle to make minimum monthly payments. They are plagued with collection calls that are designed to frighten them into paying what little money they have to old accounts, often sacrificing their bare necessities to do so. This class is designed to help lawyers analyze the client’s situation and to explain the protections that clients have and advise clients on their next steps.


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