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Wills/Health Care Directives/Power of Attorney

Name of Non-Profit Agency: 
Statewide Legal Services*
John Bozzi
Pro Bono Coordinator
860-344-8096 ext. 3040
Who are the clients? 
Low income clients.
What legal strategies do the pro bono lawyers use to assist the clients? 
Drafting the necessary documents. Explaining options to clients.
What are the outcome goals of this assistance? 
Clients will have these documents should they need them.
Where is the pro bono work done? (For example, at a legal aid office or at the pro bono attorney's office.) 

Attorney’s office.

Give a short (1-paragraph) case example: 
Mary is 74 years old and is worried about what would happen to her should she become incapacitated. Mary doesn’t have many assets, but does have a few family heirlooms that she wants to pass on to certain members of her family. Also, Mary wants a say in what would happen to her medically should she be unable to communicate her wishes.
If it is important that a pro bono lawyer already has particular legal background or training, please describe. 
At what time of day is the pro bono work done (example evening clinic)?: 
Office hours.
Does this pro bono work require full admission to practice in Connecticut? 
Legal Practice Area: 
This organization is a member of the Connecticut Pro Bono Network.