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Unemployment Referrals

Name of Non-Profit Agency: 
Statewide Legal Services*
John Bozzi
Pro Bono Clinic Coordinator
860-344-8096 ext. 3040
Why is this assistance important to these clients? 
Without this support, clients face losing their basic necessities such as housing and transportation.
Who are the clients? 
Low income clients.
What legal strategies do the pro bono lawyers use to assist the clients? 
Lawyers give clients realistic expectations on their chances of winning an unemployment hearing. Lawyers represent clients at the hearing.
If the pro bono attorney will be appearing for the client, in what court or other forum will that appearance be? 
Department of Labor hearing
What are the outcome goals of this assistance? 
Clients will have some sort of financial support while they are looking for a new job.
What time commitment is required to do this pro bono work? 
Duration of the case.
Where is the pro bono work done? (For example, at a legal aid office or at the pro bono attorney's office.) 

Attorney’s office.

Give a short (1-paragraph) case example: 
John has been working at his company for four years. Recently he called in sick for three days because he had pneumonia. His boss was irate that he was out sick for three days and fired him. John applied for unemployment and was surprised to find out that he would have to go to a hearing. At the hearing Johns boss says that he violated company policy by using up too many sick days. The Department of Labor finds that John is ineligible for benefits. John calls our office because he doesn’t know what to do.
If it is important that a pro bono lawyer already has particular legal background or training, please describe. 
What training is provided to pro bono lawyers doing this work? 
Training in Spring 2012
Who provides the training? 
CBA or Legal Services.
At what time of day is the pro bono work done (example evening clinic)?: 
During office hours.
Does this pro bono work require full admission to practice in Connecticut? 
This organization is a member of the Connecticut Pro Bono Network.