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Name of Non-Profit Agency: 
Statewide Legal Services*
Jonathan Caez
Pro Bono Coordinator
Why is this assistance important to these clients? 
With the help of pro bono Call4Law volunteers who would spend just 45-60 minutes on the phone with a client, SLS can reach more low income people and give them the first stage of service that they need.
Who are the clients? 
Low income clients who have contacted Statewide Legal Services (SLS) with a legal problem in either Family or Consumer Law.
What legal strategies do the pro bono lawyers use to assist the clients? 
Lawyers are asked to contact a pre-screened client by phone, analyze their legal problem, and give legal advice.
If the pro bono attorney will be appearing for the client, in what court or other forum will that appearance be? 
After the phone call, there is no further commitment.
What are the outcome goals of this assistance? 
Low income clients will have the benefit of legal advice, and have their legal problems analyzed by an attorney in case more legal service is needed.
What time commitment is required to do this pro bono work? 
Volunteers are asked to call the client within one week of when they are assigned to a case. Volunteer lawyers will spend 45-60 minutes on the phone with the client and provide them with advice about their problem. After the call they fill out a brief closing form. Volunteers are asked to commit to either one call a week, two calls a month or one call a month. All volunteers are covered under our malpractice insurance.
Where is the pro bono work done? (For example, at a legal aid office or at the pro bono attorney's office.) 

Anywhere it is convenient for the volunteer.

If it is important that a pro bono lawyer already has particular legal background or training, please describe. 
We have resources available for volunteers to prepare them to handle the case. We also have our staff attorneys available for questions.
At what time of day is the pro bono work done (example evening clinic)?: 
At volunteer’s convenience.
Does this pro bono work require full admission to practice in Connecticut? 
This organization is a member of the Connecticut Pro Bono Network.